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Christmas food in the UK

Well-it's nearly Christmas!I have ordered my turkey and ham for my special Christmas dinner.I always make a special sausagemeat stuffing which my mum used to make.

What do you eat for Christmas in your families?What is your favourite Christmas food?I am particularly interested to know what our families from Spain.Poland, India, the Philipines, Portugal, France, Italy, China and anywhere else eat.Please let me know(and if possible take a photo over Christmas so we can all see!)


Hello everybody.i hope you have remembered the poster competition- either design a poster to stop parents from parking in the surgery or from Parking behind the church.All posters need to be in on Monday- you could use ICT if you want.Can anybody think of a good logo for the poster?Does anybody have any other solutions to our parking problems?


Hello everybody!On Sunday I am going to visit our partner school in Molina de segura in Spain.


Have you ever been to spain?what do you know about Spain?do you know any Spanish words which might be useful for me when I'm there?


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