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Comenius international cookery book

We would like to produce an international cookery book with traditional,simple recipes for each country which children could make.

we need to include some traditional recipes from our own country, Great Britain.

Which recipes do you think we should include in the book?

Ask mum and dad which recipes they think we should include

The source of our health

In assembly we have talked about how we can become an even healthier school as part of our Comenius project.

I need your ideas and suggestions!

1.How can we make sure children wash their hands before eating?

2.How can we encourage everybody to eat fruit and vegetables every day?

3.What can we do to stop children eating too many sweets?

I look forward to reading your replies!

Mrs hunn

Hello everybody from Athens where the temperature has been 22 degrees!

THis morning we visited the school and watched them learning Greek.all the children then sang some wonderful songs for us.

their parents cooked our lunch.

Does anybody know what we might have eaten?

Can you find out how to say hello and goodbye in Greek?


Mrs hunn

Our friends in Spain, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Greece have asked me about the best places to visit in the uK.

If they could visit the UK for a week, which places would you tell them to visit? London?What is really important to see?

Which historic towns? beaches? countryside? Explain why you would go.Can you find a picture of these places?

I look forward to hearing your opinions- please ask mum and dad for their opinions!

have a great half term and be good!

Mrs hunn

Hello everybody!the builders are doing really well and we can all see what our new school will look like.When it is finished we would like to make Improvements to our grounds.

if we have enough money to update the adventure playground, what do you think it should have?what will it look like?the friends are organising a competition for the best ideas.

let us know what we should have

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